Ep. 25: Celibacy, Divorce, & The Gender of God
Like Stars The PodcastJuly 13, 2023
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Ep. 25: Celibacy, Divorce, & The Gender of God

Why are priests required to be celibate and not marry? Are children of Christian parents automatically saved? Is God male or female..or both... or neither? And is ignorance bliss or should we always strive to be informed and get answers?
In this episode of Like Stars, Pete works through some of your questions regarding faith and the Scripture, seeking God's wisdom for our lives. He examine the Catholic church's long history of requiring its priests to remain celibate and not start families and whether that's a Scriptural command or just a tradition. He also looks at Paul's somewhat confusing words in 1 Corinthians 7:14 about unbelieving spouses and children being "sanctified" by the believing spouse. What did Paul mean...does being married to a Christian or having a Christian parent automatically make you one? Finally, he responds to a question regarding God's gender and how to respond to claims by some supposed "Christians" that there is a female god, as well whether or not ignorance is bliss and if we should or shouldn't always strive to know and understand everything or just being ok being uninformed sometimes. For more from Pete, check out likestars.us Got a question for a future podcast? Leave a comment or email him at pete@risecitychurch.com

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