Ep. 26: Old Testament Conundrums
Like StarsAugust 19, 2023
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Ep. 26: Old Testament Conundrums

Reading the Old Testament raises a LOT of questions for us. And often times, they are the kinds we’re almost uncomfortable even talking about because of how strange and unclear they seem. From the very high-level questions like does God cause evil? Does he change his mind, or has he himself changed over time? To more specific and out there ones like – did he really talk through a donkey, or did the ghost of the prophet Samuel really come back and speak to king Saul?

Fortunately for you, my friend Michael LOVES asking these kinds of questions and so on this episode of the Like Stars Podcast I invited him to join me in person and ask away. It’s definitely the most raw and spontaneous episode, and quite a bit longer than normal, but we cover a lot of ground with Old Testament questions that I think you’ll enjoy.

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