Ep. 28: Indoctrination and Wish Fulfillment
Like Stars The PodcastSeptember 28, 2023
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Ep. 28: Indoctrination and Wish Fulfillment

Do people only believe in a religion because it's what they were born into? Does something like Christianity only continue because it gets indoctrinated into children, who then mostly abandon it once they are old enough to think for themselves? And how should one respond to the claim that believing in God is just a form of wish fulfillment. We just "want" it to be true that we are not alone and death isn't the end, so we create a God in our minds to make ourselves feel better?

Questions like these seek to undermine the truth of Christianity and require an answer. And so in this episode I unpack the logic and reasoning behind both claims and show how neither is really an effective undermining of faith when fully thought through.

I also respond to a question of why the Bible often seems to celebrate and look forward to God's judgement, even though that seems like something bad we should we be more worried and afraid of. I show how the concept of God bringing judgement is actually salvation to those who are oppressed and seeking justice in a world that often lacks it.

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