Ep. 29: The Problem of Evil
Like Stars The PodcastOctober 18, 2023
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Ep. 29: The Problem of Evil

Why does God allow so much evil and suffering in our world? If he is all powerful, all knowing, and as good as the Bible claims why doesn’t he put a stop to it? This is a serious problem that many people of faith struggle to make sense of and those outside of Christianity use as ammunition against it. Is there a logical way forward that doesn’t turn God into either an indifferent landlord who doesn’t care enough or worse, a bit of a moral monster who actually uses evil as a tool for his own confusing means?


In this episode of the Like Stars Podcast, we talk through the intellectual/logical problems associated with evil, some of the less than perfect responses people sometimes give to it, and a better way forward that takes into serious consideration the necessity of freedom and an open world governed by natural laws in order to support life as God intends. We also pay special attention to the way in which God does intervene, especially in giving us wisdom and direction in our to find goodness and avoid evil, and in his promise to use our suffering for good if we continue to trust and follow him.

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