Ep. 23: God Blanket [Why is "taking the Lord's Name in vain" such a bad thing for Christians?]
Like Stars PodcastMay 26, 202300:33:28

Ep. 23: God Blanket [Why is "taking the Lord's Name in vain" such a bad thing for Christians?]

Most Christians tend to agree that swearing is on the “shalt not” list, but why does God seem to make such a big deal of the take-his-name-in-vain one? Of all the terrible things someone can say, why is that so offensive it got put into the top 3 of the 10 commandments?

In this episode of the Like Stars Podcast, I show how this command actually has nothing to do with what we often refer to as cursing or swearing when we’re angry. Rather, I explore how it relates to the way the ancient world understood calling upon the name of their gods, why and when they did it, and how the one true God wanted his people to behave and act very differently towards him and one another. He was not some magic genie that you could simply recite the correct language to work magic or curse your enemy, nor were his people to be seen as liars, cheats, or promise breakers. His name would be honored when his people lived with integrity, sought to love and bless one another, and came to him as a father rather than a magical slot machine.

We also read some of your “very real and not at all made up” podcast reviews. Just a warning, a few of them did make me cry afterwards. But I’m ok!

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