Ep. 27: Aliens, Ghosts, & Arguments for God [Should Christians believe in aliens and ghosts?]
Like Stars PodcastSeptember 14, 202300:43:19

Ep. 27: Aliens, Ghosts, & Arguments for God [Should Christians believe in aliens and ghosts?]

Is the possible existence of aliens a problem for Christianity and something followers of Jesus should choose not to believe in? What about ghosts or other paranormal activity?

Is there a “magic bullet” argument that works to prove the existence of God? Do all people even receive and think through evidence the same way? Or does making a case for God require many different ideas, often specific to the individual?

And are all sins capable of being forgiven or are some things just too horrible? What about Jesus’s statement concerning the “unforgivable sin” of blaspheming the Holy Spirit?

In this episode of the Like Stars Podcast, I work through each of these questions, seeking to make sense of what God’s word has to say, as well as how wisdom can help us navigate through difficult topics. In doing so we discover that, while the existence of aliens isn’t necessarily a problem for Christians, ghosts present a much bigger issue. That there is not one perfect argument capable of convincing everyone God exists and that the only unforgivable sin is rejecting the one who offers us forgiveness.

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