Is the Bible Accurate
Like Stars PodcastJune 13, 202300:48:48

Is the Bible Accurate

Can we trust the Bible? This is a hugely important question as it contains some pretty serious claims about the nature of truth, reality, and what is expected of our lives. It’s no wonder so much time and attention has been devoted to trying to argue that the Bible either is or is not historically reliable. So, which is it?

In this Bonus Episode of a message I gave at Rise City Church, I tackle some of the biggest claims denouncing the accuracy of our modern Bibles. Specifically, that it has been copied and translated far too many times over the past 2000 years to possibly still be a reliable picture of what was originally written. And, that the books that make our modern Bible were not the only ones written and there’s no way to trust that some weren’t ignored or kept out by people in power. So, there’s no way we could we possibly trust our modern Bibles are true to the original author’s words.

Listen in as I unpack some of the flaws and problems behind these claims and why the Bible is in fact an incredible accurate copy of those original writings, due to the immense number of early copies available to us.

I will also be picking up this conversation in the next episode of the Like Stars Podcast by examining the question of whether the original authors should be considered trustworthy themselves. Stay tuned!
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