Ep.  24: Resurrection of Trust [Is it reasonable to believe that Jesus rose from the dead?]
Like Stars PodcastJune 15, 202300:45:12

Ep. 24: Resurrection of Trust [Is it reasonable to believe that Jesus rose from the dead?]

Can we trust the message of the Bible? How do we know that the people who wrote it were actually telling us the truth? In many ways, the answer to these questions all rise and fall on one pivotal issue - the resurrection of Jesus. For if it's not true that Jesus rose from the dead, the answer is plainly and unquestionably "no", we cannot - and should not - put any stock in the Bible whatsoever. It's entire premise is built upon a lie and cannot be trusted. On the other hand, if Jesus, who claimed to be God in the flesh, did indeed confirm that by defeating death itself and rising from the dead then everything he said and did, and all his disciples claim and taught should absolutely be trusted and followed.

In this episode, we thus explore the claims made against the resurrection that perhaps Jesus wasn't actually dead, the tomb wasn't really empty, or maybe the followers of Jesus just made the whole thing up, offering responses to show how each of those ideas fall short of likely and that the most reasonable explanation for the historical evidence is the Jesus did in fact raise from the dead and therefore the Bible is a trustworthy message we should be basing our lives upon.

* This is also the second part to a larger discussion on the Bible's trustworthiness that began with the bonus episode "Is the Bible Historically Reliable" *

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