Ep.  33: Would Jesus Be Cancelled Today? [Why did He call a Canaanite woman a dog?]
Like Stars PodcastFebruary 08, 202400:37:32

Ep. 33: Would Jesus Be Cancelled Today? [Why did He call a Canaanite woman a dog?]

Should Jesus have been cancelled for being racist when calling a Canaanite woman a dog? This is just one more example of some the more “difficult” aspects of Jesus’ words and ministry that can sometimes lead people to think he wasn’t always a very good or nice person…at least, until we dig deeper and explore more of what’s happening behind the scenes.

In this second of a 4 part series looking at some of the most problematic teachings of Jesus, I break down the concept of race and ethnicity in the ancient world of the Greco-Roman Empire, the extent to which similar ideas pervaded even the Jewish people themselves, and how Jesus was most likely using this situation in order to turn the social expectations of “keep others out” on its head.

As you will see, Jesus did not come to make everyone look, talk, and act the same. But it did come to bring down all the walls and social/ethnic barriers humans want to keep building up between each other. Jesus’ disciples and later followers would be marked by a radical commitment to love one another, regardless of where they came from, what they looked like, or how much money they had. I also leave us all asking, how is the church doing with that today?

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